Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Little Miss PS where have you gone?

Scooterless. :( Which is a MAJOR bummer. I think I took my scooter in on the 27th, or perhaps the 29th. I can't remember, either way it was last month. And it's killing me not to have it. Mainly because I haven't *really* ridden it much this year. I took it home to ride and then when I got back from South Dakota, well, the engine revving thing freaked me out. Of course I dinked around for 2 weeks thinking it could be fixed on the fly - but no such luck. So a month later of no TNRs and no riding even on my own - well, it's a bummer to say the least.

I seriously hope its ready on Thursday - or I'll cry. :(
Okay, I won't really cry, but I'll come close.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Go Go Gocco

Go Go Gocco!
As Liz said in my feedback...she's right! I blew one screen, because like a dork I put the blue filter on the wrong side. Trial and error. WHOOPS!

So last night, after working PTJob#2 I was racing towards Uptown in the pouring rain. After all, I wanted to get to PaperSource before they closed to replenish my Gocco Supplies. 1/2 way to Uptown from Eden Prairie, I realize my trusty laptop was still at PTJob#2. :( So I turned around and flew back to Eden Prairie, again, in the rain. By the time I got my laptop and got back on the road it was 20 to 6. PaperSource, of course, closes at 6 on Sunday. At 5 to 6 I'm in Uptown, circling the block like a vulture hoping to find any parking spot within a decent trek in the rain to get to PaperSource, right? Well, for 3 blocks, nothing. I'm not that athletic, and I was wearing sandals, so I'm fairly sure that I'm not going to be hoofing it 3 blocks to the store and manage to get there...finally, the Tony Tony Look Around kicks in and Voila, 1 1/2 blocks from the store, a semi-parking spot. You know the ones, at the very end of the block, in that range of, "I probably shouldn't park here but I'm only gonna be a minute I better not get a ticket" spaces... well, I parked. Hopped out of the car and walked like a crazy person trying not to trip over my own wet sandals and opened the door to PaperSource at 2 minutes to 6. The chicks behind the counter I'm sure thought what I thought when people did that at Bobby Bead. Lady, get real, you're not shopping in 2 minutes in this store. So I ask, "Do you have Gocco bulbs and screens?" "We have inks." (question answer translation: No.) She was very nice, good to know that they have inks. So I take a peek. They have 4 tubes of Aqua blue and 1 tube of yellow. Not quite the selection I was hoping for. And at 3.85 a whack, please. She was sweet, told me I could shop online for the other supplies and that PaperSource isn't planning on bring them to stores. What?!?! What's the perk there? So I'm ordering from Welsh...hopefully I won't have to wait too long... :) I'm so excited...as Liz said... Go Go Gocco!