Monday, July 4, 2011

The apple doesn't fall far...

My littlest niece just came back from her second week of Fun and Frivolity at my parent's place.  She and my Dad are two peas in a pod, so it works out well that he ends up being her primary partner in crime.

My sister sent me a text that capped off a rough weight loss battle week.  My nephew asked his sister how much weight she gained 'this time' when she was at my parents house.

That smarted. On top of my "you have a to remove your weightloss goals from your cubicle" chat with Human Resources at the job, I was feeling a wee bit sensitive.  It came out during a chat with my Mom.  We had a very heart to heart talk about weight issues and food issues.  We talked about sneak eating - and how she still does it too.

We talked about eating entire packages of cookies.  We shared about the inability to stop eating when you're treating yourself to 'a bite' - it was weird, because we don't talk about these things.   We keep these things closely guarded and hope that no one knows that we've eaten a weekend's worth of calories in one setting.

We hope no one knows that we didn't feel sick after eating a package of oreos, even though any normal person would be tragically ill.

It felt good to share with her.  She's fully supportive of me paying for a trainer.  It's not going to be cheap - but you know what... it's time.  And I'm worth it.