Wednesday, August 1, 2007


So I bought a house...Hence the disappearing act this time. I'm incredibly excited...somewhat nervous but overall thrilled. It's one gigantic step towards building wealth...and when you build wealth debt disappears. I'm super excited for that!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Little Miss PS where have you gone?

Scooterless. :( Which is a MAJOR bummer. I think I took my scooter in on the 27th, or perhaps the 29th. I can't remember, either way it was last month. And it's killing me not to have it. Mainly because I haven't *really* ridden it much this year. I took it home to ride and then when I got back from South Dakota, well, the engine revving thing freaked me out. Of course I dinked around for 2 weeks thinking it could be fixed on the fly - but no such luck. So a month later of no TNRs and no riding even on my own - well, it's a bummer to say the least.

I seriously hope its ready on Thursday - or I'll cry. :(
Okay, I won't really cry, but I'll come close.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Go Go Gocco

Go Go Gocco!
As Liz said in my feedback...she's right! I blew one screen, because like a dork I put the blue filter on the wrong side. Trial and error. WHOOPS!

So last night, after working PTJob#2 I was racing towards Uptown in the pouring rain. After all, I wanted to get to PaperSource before they closed to replenish my Gocco Supplies. 1/2 way to Uptown from Eden Prairie, I realize my trusty laptop was still at PTJob#2. :( So I turned around and flew back to Eden Prairie, again, in the rain. By the time I got my laptop and got back on the road it was 20 to 6. PaperSource, of course, closes at 6 on Sunday. At 5 to 6 I'm in Uptown, circling the block like a vulture hoping to find any parking spot within a decent trek in the rain to get to PaperSource, right? Well, for 3 blocks, nothing. I'm not that athletic, and I was wearing sandals, so I'm fairly sure that I'm not going to be hoofing it 3 blocks to the store and manage to get there...finally, the Tony Tony Look Around kicks in and Voila, 1 1/2 blocks from the store, a semi-parking spot. You know the ones, at the very end of the block, in that range of, "I probably shouldn't park here but I'm only gonna be a minute I better not get a ticket" spaces... well, I parked. Hopped out of the car and walked like a crazy person trying not to trip over my own wet sandals and opened the door to PaperSource at 2 minutes to 6. The chicks behind the counter I'm sure thought what I thought when people did that at Bobby Bead. Lady, get real, you're not shopping in 2 minutes in this store. So I ask, "Do you have Gocco bulbs and screens?" "We have inks." (question answer translation: No.) She was very nice, good to know that they have inks. So I take a peek. They have 4 tubes of Aqua blue and 1 tube of yellow. Not quite the selection I was hoping for. And at 3.85 a whack, please. She was sweet, told me I could shop online for the other supplies and that PaperSource isn't planning on bring them to stores. What?!?! What's the perk there? So I'm ordering from Welsh...hopefully I won't have to wait too long... :) I'm so Liz said... Go Go Gocco!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well, another unaccomplished weekend has passed by. Actually, I did a fair amount - it just didn't feel that way. I read The Road. It was spawned from someone else's 43things list to read every Pulitzer Prize winning novel since the prize started being awarded. I thought it sounded like a good thing to accomplish. So while I was scouring Target for my latest sundries I saw Cormac McCarthy's book and thought - for 11.96 this is a good start. I plan on getting the rest at the library. Which has lead me to wonder if the library actually has all of the Pulitzer Prize winning books in its collection. They should, but I'm often shocked at what the library has in comparison to what they should have.

I also bought new work out clothes...kind of a pre-bribe to myself. It's actually not a bad one either - since they were on sale. 5.00 for a top and 7.00 for a "capri" but since I have long legs, it just looks like long shorts. Oh well, I'm going to be sweating like a pig in them, so who really cares what I look like? Right?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My feet are swollen. It's a reminder that I'm overweight and getting old. One of which I can do something about. The last time I drove home my feet were swollen for days. It's the iron bladder that gets me into trouble. If I had to stop every now and again to pee then I'd be up and moving around - but since I've got a bladder that serves me too well.

I had the strangest dreams about my college advisor. She had called me on my TracFone and was saying that she couldn't give me my final grade because I hadn't sent something in - which I had argued was ridiculous. I told her I only had 5 minutes left on the phone and asked her to call me on my regular phone and she said, "It would be easier for you just to submit the work you owe rather than try and change the phone number in your file."

Strange Strange Dream.

It's supposed to get really crappy with the weather here so I left Pink Scoot at home covered in the garden. Eddie wanted to do a Southern BBQ for Jon & Henriet's friends from the Netherlands. But I'm guessing that's probably out - he'll most likely whip something up inside if it's crappy outside.

I should walk to the post office to get stamps for my postcrossing post cards before it gets really blustery out...the clouds are moving pretty quickly and I have a feeling that we're going to get a mighty big soak. I meant to go to the YWCA last night, but I ended up talking on the phone for way longer than anticipated.

Short List for Today:

Gather Paperwork together for Mortgage Company
Mail PostCrossing Postcards
Head to the YWCA
Place MaryKay Order

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Okay - attempt number 3 or so at blogging. A respite, if you will against the monotony of the day and a way to curb my Deal or No Deal addiction. Thanks Google!

This is my first day back from being in S.Dakota for a week. More than a week really considering when I actually arrived in the state and when I returned to my Minnesota home. I still never know whether to refer to the trip to S.Dakota as going home, or my return trip to Minnesota as coming home.

We, my family and I, stayed in a fantastic cabin by Black Hills Vacation Homes. Highly recommended. When they said, "Fully Furnished" they meant it! They had enough towels to dry off ever Sailor in Port at Fleet Week. The kitchen was well stocked with the basics. Knowing that would make all the difference on a return trip. Ashly did a good job scouting out the accomodations and I have a feeling that in a few years a return trip to the Black Hills will be in order.

In fact, now that it's 3 days past the actual event, I'd even think about going back for the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon - which is what we were out there for in the first place. The trail was GORGEOUS...we saw a couple of deer and a beaver while we were walking. I could have done without the mud, but the rain sure made the valleys and gulches green. I'd like to go back and snowmobile on the trail...I have a feeling that it's breathtaking.