Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boy Scout Cookies

Just think about that for two little seconds. Since girl scout cookies stir up this crazy longing to eat copious amounts of dark chocolate minty goodness at the very mention. When I try to wrap my head around a Boy Scout cookie, I always imagine some sort of Burnt Oatmeal Packet and leftover marshmallow goo stuck to a cast iron skillet in the middle of a dying fire. I'd like to think that a Boy Scout Cookie is something that chubby scouts try to make at the end of their camp with a packet of Cinnamon Raisin Instant Oatmeal, and discovered marshmallows that were flung flaming brightly off the end of a whittled sticks from the night before. And I'm not sure that boy scouts even cook from cast iron skillets anymore - so maybe the whole concoction is laid out on a crumply piece of aluminum foil and suspended over ashy coals. Either way, the mention of a Boy Scout cookie doesn't conjure up brightly colored cookie boxes and freezing pre-teens sitting outside the local Wal-Mart asking kindly, "Ma'am, were you ever a Girl Scout?" - Yeah, yeah, I was. I never got to camp but I did make a crappy situpon out of leftover wallpaper samples and crumpled newspaper - which just reminds me that I never got to go to the damn camp. Sure, I'll squelch that bitter childhood recollection with a box of Carmel Delites*, thanks for the memories.

*Caramel Delites, not to be confused with their twisted sister cookie, the Samoa.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

C'mon Eileen

A Blog Post for the rest of you...

I'm tired of my house feeling cold. I know, I know, I could crank up the heat. But seriously? I've had my house between 50-55 degrees all winter - what would be the point of being warm now? This summer - a plan for the attic. Like new windows - maybe a plan for the floor and making it a "retreat" of some sort. We'll see how those plans come to fruition.

I've accepted the lot of only having 2 days of "work" at Together Dating as well. I'm okay with it now - it is what it is. I know that I'll be happy for the time at home during the spring/summer - but I also liked having the "extra" 400 buck-a-roos each month too. I'm not so keen on picking another PTJ up just to have one. We'll see how things play out. Once again, perhaps it's roommate time???