Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sounds like you need to buy a hobby farm, lady.

She said, "What is this?"

I said, "Oh, Toyota purchases renewable energy at this location.  So our electricity is wind generated."

"Oh," she replied, "Is it free?"

"Absolutely!  Go ahead and take one," I said encouraging her interest.  Had the phone not been ringing, and people milling around the receptionist horseshoe I might have explained in greater detail.  But it was a hen house moment at the desk.

"So they install this at your house if you want?" she asked with sheer disbelief.

"Come again?" I replied with a little bewilderment.

"This wind thing. Toyota will install it at my house if I want ren-er-abl, re-new-ah..." she paused staring at the card.  "YOU KNOW, the energy thing."

"What? God no - the postcard is free they don't install a wind turbine at your freaking house you idiot?" is what I thought in my head as I picked up the card she laid down and gently replied, "No, ma'am, the postcard, telling you about our renewable energy contract for our Toyota store is free."

"That's a dumb thing to give away," she snorted as she walked back to the service area for a snack.  She tossed the free postcard back onto the ledge and idled off.

"What was that about?" asked the General Manager wondering why some lady left the reception desk in a tizzy.

"Well, Tony, that woman was wondering if Toyota would like to install a wind turbine at her home so that she too can have her house powered by renewable energy."

"Are you kidding me?" he asked, in utter disbelief.

"Nope." I replied, "I told her you'd be over on Saturday to install one and that she'd have free electricity no later than noon.  She said she'd like to bake a cake and that wasn't going to work for her so she's taking her business elsewhere."


"No, not seriously.  She did want us to install a wind turbine at her home, however."

Twenty minutes later the lady shows up with a box of wheat thins and asked me the following question.

"Do you have milk here?"

"No, we don't," I courteously replied.

"So you don't have milk," she huffed.

"Nope.  No milk."


Because we're a car dealership not a cafe, not a coffee shop, not a convenience store.  If you'd like to buy a Prius I can tell you how to get to Byerly's to buy some milk.

People.  It takes all types.