Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Okay - attempt number 3 or so at blogging. A respite, if you will against the monotony of the day and a way to curb my Deal or No Deal addiction. Thanks Google!

This is my first day back from being in S.Dakota for a week. More than a week really considering when I actually arrived in the state and when I returned to my Minnesota home. I still never know whether to refer to the trip to S.Dakota as going home, or my return trip to Minnesota as coming home.

We, my family and I, stayed in a fantastic cabin by Black Hills Vacation Homes. Highly recommended. When they said, "Fully Furnished" they meant it! They had enough towels to dry off ever Sailor in Port at Fleet Week. The kitchen was well stocked with the basics. Knowing that would make all the difference on a return trip. Ashly did a good job scouting out the accomodations and I have a feeling that in a few years a return trip to the Black Hills will be in order.

In fact, now that it's 3 days past the actual event, I'd even think about going back for the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon - which is what we were out there for in the first place. The trail was GORGEOUS...we saw a couple of deer and a beaver while we were walking. I could have done without the mud, but the rain sure made the valleys and gulches green. I'd like to go back and snowmobile on the trail...I have a feeling that it's breathtaking.

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