Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well, another unaccomplished weekend has passed by. Actually, I did a fair amount - it just didn't feel that way. I read The Road. It was spawned from someone else's 43things list to read every Pulitzer Prize winning novel since the prize started being awarded. I thought it sounded like a good thing to accomplish. So while I was scouring Target for my latest sundries I saw Cormac McCarthy's book and thought - for 11.96 this is a good start. I plan on getting the rest at the library. Which has lead me to wonder if the library actually has all of the Pulitzer Prize winning books in its collection. They should, but I'm often shocked at what the library has in comparison to what they should have.

I also bought new work out clothes...kind of a pre-bribe to myself. It's actually not a bad one either - since they were on sale. 5.00 for a top and 7.00 for a "capri" but since I have long legs, it just looks like long shorts. Oh well, I'm going to be sweating like a pig in them, so who really cares what I look like? Right?

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