Thursday, June 7, 2007

My feet are swollen. It's a reminder that I'm overweight and getting old. One of which I can do something about. The last time I drove home my feet were swollen for days. It's the iron bladder that gets me into trouble. If I had to stop every now and again to pee then I'd be up and moving around - but since I've got a bladder that serves me too well.

I had the strangest dreams about my college advisor. She had called me on my TracFone and was saying that she couldn't give me my final grade because I hadn't sent something in - which I had argued was ridiculous. I told her I only had 5 minutes left on the phone and asked her to call me on my regular phone and she said, "It would be easier for you just to submit the work you owe rather than try and change the phone number in your file."

Strange Strange Dream.

It's supposed to get really crappy with the weather here so I left Pink Scoot at home covered in the garden. Eddie wanted to do a Southern BBQ for Jon & Henriet's friends from the Netherlands. But I'm guessing that's probably out - he'll most likely whip something up inside if it's crappy outside.

I should walk to the post office to get stamps for my postcrossing post cards before it gets really blustery out...the clouds are moving pretty quickly and I have a feeling that we're going to get a mighty big soak. I meant to go to the YWCA last night, but I ended up talking on the phone for way longer than anticipated.

Short List for Today:

Gather Paperwork together for Mortgage Company
Mail PostCrossing Postcards
Head to the YWCA
Place MaryKay Order

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